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2 [did-l]
verb (used without object), diddled, diddling.
Informal. to toy; fool (usually followed by with ): The kids have been diddling with the controls on the television set again.
to waste time; dawdle (often followed by around ): You would be finished by now if you hadn't spent the morning diddling around.
Informal. to move back and forth with short rapid motions.
verb (used with object), diddled, diddling.
Informal. to move back and forth with short rapid motions; jiggle: Diddle the switch and see if the light comes on.
to copulate with.
to practice masturbation upon.

1800–10; expressive coinage, perhaps orig. in the Siamese twins diddle-diddle, diddle-daddle; cf. dodder1, doodle1

diddler, noun
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diddle1 (ˈdɪdəl)
1.  (tr) to cheat or swindle
2.  (intr) an obsolete word for dawdle
[C19: back formation from Jeremy Diddler, a scrounger in J. Kenney's farce Raising the Wind (1803)]

diddle2 (ˈdɪdəl)
dialect to jerk (an object) up and down or back and forth; shake rapidly
[C17: probably variant of doderen to tremble, totter; see dodder1]

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Word Origin & History

"to cheat, swindle," 1806, from dial. duddle, diddle "to totter" (1632). Meaning "waste time" is recorded from 1825. Meaning "to have sex with" is from 1879; that of "to masturbate" (especially of women) is from 1950s. More or less unrelated meanings that have gathered around a suggestive sound.
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Slang Dictionary

diddle definition

  1. tv.
    to feel someone sexually. (See also feel (so) up. Usually objectionable.) : She moved her hand over, like she was going to diddle him, then she jabbed him in the crystals.
  2. in.
    to masturbate [oneself]. (Usually objectionable.) : Have you been diddling again?
  3. tv.
    to masturbate someone else. (Akin to sense 1. Usually objectionable.) : She diddled him since it was his birthday.
  4. tv.
    to cheat someone. : The shop owner diddled me out of ten bucks.
  5. tv. & in.
    to copulate [with] someone. (Usually objectionable.) : I'm tired of hearing who has diddled whom in Hollywood.
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