[dis-kuh m-bob-yuh-leyt] /ˌdɪs kəmˈbɒb yəˌleɪt/
verb (used with object), discombobulated, discombobulating.
to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate:
"The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers."
1825–35, Americanism; fanciful alteration of discompose or discomfort
Related forms
discombobulation, noun
Example Sentences for discombobulation
It goes through a constant process of discombobulation as entrepreneurs invent new products and processes.
So there will be some discombobulation in that process.
Three years of discombobulation and aching need finally ended at midnight yesterday.
Anger may fuel her diatribes, but it is astutely balanced by the frank discombobulation that makes her one of us.
British Dictionary definitions for discombobulation
discombobulate (ˌdɪskəmˈbɒbjʊˌleɪt)
informal chiefly (US), (Canadian) (tr) to throw into confusion
[C20: probably a whimsical alteration of discompose or discomfit]

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Word Origin and History for discombobulation
1834, Amer.Eng., fanciful coinage of a type popular then (originally discombobricate). Related: discombobulating; discombobulation.
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Slang related to discombobulation


  1. To disturb; upset; bug
  2. To perplex; puzzle : The fancy words discombobulated me (1830s+)



The condition of being discombobulated : the Skinner course responsible for their emotional discombobulation (1830s+)

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