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1.  to leave out of account as being unreliable, prejudiced, or irrelevant
2.  to anticipate and make allowance for, often so as to diminish the effect of
3.  a.  to deduct (a specified amount or percentage) from the usual price, cost, etc
 b.  to reduce (the regular price, cost, etc) by a stated percentage or amount
4.  to sell or offer for sale at a reduced price
5.  to buy or sell (a bill of exchange, etc) before maturity, with a deduction for interest determined by the time to maturity and also by risk
6.  (also intr) to loan money on (a negotiable instrument that is not immediately payable) with a deduction for interest determined by risk and time to maturity
7.  cash discount See also trade discount a deduction from the full amount of a price or debt, as in return for prompt payment or to a special group of customers
8.  Also called: discount rate
 a.  the amount of interest deducted in the purchase or sale of or the loan of money on unmatured negotiable instruments
 b.  the rate of interest deducted
9.  a.  (in the issue of shares) a percentage deducted from the par value to give a reduced amount payable by subscribers
 b.  Compare premium the amount by which the par value of something, esp shares, exceeds its market value
10.  the act or an instance of discounting a negotiable instrument
11.  at a discount
 a.  below the regular price
 b.  (of share values) below par
 c.  held in low regard; not sought after or valued
12.  (modifier) offering or selling at reduced prices: a discount shop

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Example sentences
It's a regional discounter that is losing money every day.
One is called a manipulator, and the other a discounter.
Often there is evidence that the manufacturer received complaints from competing dealers before terminating the discounter.
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