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[dis-in-tuh-greyt] /dɪsˈɪn təˌgreɪt/
verb (used without object), disintegrated, disintegrating.
to separate into parts or lose intactness or solidness; break up; deteriorate:
The old book is gradually disintegrating with age.
  1. to decay.
  2. (of a nucleus) to change into one or more different nuclei after being bombarded by high-energy particles, as alpha particles or gamma rays.
verb (used with object), disintegrated, disintegrating.
to reduce to particles, fragments, or parts; break up or destroy the cohesion of:
Rocks are disintegrated by frost and rain.
1790-1800; dis-1 + integrate
Related forms
[dis-in-tuh-gruh-buh l] /dɪsˈɪn tə grə bəl/ (Show IPA),
disintegrative, disintegratory
[dis-in-tuh-gruh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee, -grey-tuh-ree] /dɪsˈɪn tə grəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i, -ˌgreɪ tə ri/ (Show IPA),
disintegrator, noun
nondisintegrating, adjective
1, 3. See decay. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for disintegrating
  • Alpha-amylase, a key protein in saliva, would be effective at disintegrating carbohydrate clogs.
  • Let's not forget that even the new ships are disintegrating.
  • For others, it is an almost disintegrating tenderness.
  • It was comforting to see so splendid a haunt from the past surviving intact in a widely disintegrating world.
  • The spirit of the new surroundings, in fact, is so different as to prove too powerfully disintegrating an influence.
  • Tiny bits of food get caught up in that calcified bacterial sludge, where they can remain for millennia without disintegrating.
  • What's more, the pork comes in a cruelly fragile bun, which leaves you cupping fistfuls of meat and disintegrating bread.
  • Some wax cylinders and discs, metal tape, vinyl records and other formats have already begun disintegrating or are slag.
  • In today's world family values are fast disintegrating.
  • As they seek out funny material, the boys' home life is rapidly disintegrating.
British Dictionary definitions for disintegrating


to break or be broken into fragments or constituent parts; shatter
to lose or cause to lose cohesion or unity
(intransitive) to lose judgment or control; deteriorate
  1. to induce or undergo nuclear fission, as by bombardment with fast particles
  2. another word for decay (sense 3)
Derived Forms
disintegrable, adjective
disintegration, noun
disintegrative, adjective
disintegrator, noun
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Word Origin and History for disintegrating



1796, from dis- "do the opposite of" + integrate (v.). Related: Disintegrated; disintegrating.

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