adjective, driftier, driftiest.
of the nature of or characterized by drifts.

1565–75; drift + -y1

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drift (drɪft)
1.  (also tr) to be carried along by or as if by currents of air or water or (of a current) to carry (a vessel, etc) along
2.  to move aimlessly from place to place or from one activity to another
3.  to wander or move gradually away from a fixed course or point; stray
4.  (also tr) (of snow, sand, etc) to accumulate in heaps or banks or to drive (snow, sand, etc) into heaps or banks
5.  something piled up by the wind or current, such as a snowdrift
6.  tendency, trend, meaning, or purport: the drift of the argument
7.  a state of indecision or inaction
8.  the extent to which a vessel, aircraft, projectile, etc is driven off its course by adverse winds, tide, or current
9.  a general tendency of surface ocean water to flow in the direction of the prevailing winds: North Atlantic Drift
10.  a driving movement, force, or influence; impulse
11.  a controlled four-wheel skid, used by racing drivers to take bends at high speed
12.  a loose unstratified deposit of sand, gravel, etc, esp one transported and deposited by a glacier or ice sheet
13.  a horizontal passage in a mine that follows the mineral vein
14.  something, esp a group of animals, driven along by human or natural agencies: a drift of cattle
15.  Also called: driftpin a tapering steel tool driven into holes to enlarge or align them before bolting or riveting
16.  an uncontrolled slow change in some operating characteristic of a piece of equipment, esp an electronic circuit or component
17.  linguistics gradual change in a language, esp in so far as this is influenced by the internal structure of the language rather than by contact with other languages
18.  (South African) a ford
19.  engineering a copper or brass bar used as a punch
[C13: from Old Norse: snowdrift; related to Old High German trift pasturage]

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Such bursts of mystical weirdness transfigure what might otherwise be a drifty, if beautifully written, coming-of-age story.
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