suitable for drinking.

1605–15; drink + -able

drinkability, drinkableness, noun
drinkably, adverb
nondrinkable, adjective
undrinkable, adjective
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drink (drɪŋk)
vb (usually foll by in) (often foll by away) (when intr, foll by to) , drinks, drinking, drank, drunk
1.  to swallow (a liquid); imbibe
2.  (tr) to take in or soak up (liquid); absorb: this plant drinks a lot of water
3.  to pay close attention (to); be fascinated (by): he drank in the speaker's every word
4.  (tr) to bring (oneself into a certain condition) by consuming alcohol
5.  to dispose of or ruin by excessive expenditure on alcohol: he drank away his fortune
6.  (intr) to consume alcohol, esp to excess
7.  to drink (a toast) in celebration, honour, or hope (of)
8.  drink someone under the table to be able to drink more intoxicating beverage than someone
9.  drink the health of to salute or celebrate with a toast
10.  informal (Austral) drink with the flies to drink alone
11.  liquid suitable for drinking; any beverage
12.  alcohol or its habitual or excessive consumption
13.  a portion of liquid for drinking; draught
14.  informal the drink the sea
[Old English drincan; related to Old Frisian drinka, Gothic drigkan, Old High German trinkan]

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Example sentences
One of them who knew how to swim was much interested in finding that the ocean
  water was not drinkable.
Drinkable water is not expected to last much longer.
We had decided to raise our children in a place where the water was drinkable,
  and the skies clear at night.
Most of above made from alcohol once containing deadly government wood alcohol,
  made drinkable by distillation.
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