duke it out


[dook, dyook]
(in Continental Europe) the male ruler of a duchy; the sovereign of a small state.
a British nobleman holding the highest hereditary title outside the royal family, ranking immediately below a prince and above a marquis; a member of the highest rank of the British peerage. Compare royal duke.
a nobleman of corresponding rank in certain other countries.
a cultivated hybrid of the sweet and sour cherry.
dukes, Slang. fists; hands: Put up your dukes.
verb (used with object), duked, duking.
Slang. to hit or thrash with the fists (sometimes followed by out ): He duked me because he said I had insulted him. The bully said he was going to duke out anyone who disagreed.
duke it out, to fight, especially with the fists; do battle: The adversaries were prepared to duke it out in the alley.

1100–50; Middle English duke, duc, late Old English duc < Old French duc, dus, dux < Medieval Latin dux hereditary ruler of a small state, Latin: leader; see dux; dukes “fists” of unclear derivation and perhaps of distinct orig.

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duke (djuːk)
1.  a nobleman of high rank: in the British Isles standing above the other grades of the nobility
2.  the prince or ruler of a small principality or duchy
Related: ducal
[C12: from Old French duc, from Latin dux leader]

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Word Origin & History

1129, from O.Fr. duc and L. dux (gen. ducis) "leader, commander," in L.L. "governor of a province," from ducere "to lead," from PIE *deuk- "to lead" (cf. O.E. togian "to pull, drag," O.H.G. ziohan "to pull," O.E. togian "to draw, drag"). Applied in Eng. to "nobleman of the highest rank" probably first
c.1350, ousting native earl. Used to translate various European titles (e.g. Rus. knyaz).
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Bible Dictionary

Duke definition

derived from the Latin dux, meaning "a leader;" Arabic, "a sheik." This word is used to denote the phylarch or chief of a tribe (Gen. 36:15-43; Ex. 15:15; 1 Chr. 1:51-54).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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