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Sir Edward (Richard George) 1916–2005, British statesman: prime minister 1970–74.
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heath (hiːθ)
1.  (Brit) a large open area, usually with sandy soil and scrubby vegetation, esp heather
2.  Also called: heather any low-growing evergreen ericaceous shrub of the Old World genus Erica and related genera, having small bell-shaped typically pink or purple flowers
3.  any of several nonericaceous heathlike plants, such as sea heath
4.  (Austral) any of various heathlike plants of the genus Epacris: family Epacridaceae
5.  any of various small brown satyrid butterflies of the genus Coenonympha, with coppery-brown wings, esp the large heath (C. tullia)
[Old English hǣth; related to Old Norse heithr field, Old High German heida heather]

Heath (hiːθ)
Sir Edward (Richard George). 1916--2005, British statesman; leader of the Conservative Party (1965--75); prime minister (1970--74)

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Word Origin & History

O.E. hæð "tract of wasteland," earlier "heather," infl. by O.N. heiðr "field," from P.Gmc. *khaithijo (cf. O.S. hetha, O.H.G. heida "heather," Du. heide "heath," Goth. haiþi "field"), from PIE *kait- "open, unplowed country" (cf. O.Ir. ciad, Welsh coed, Breton coet "wood, forest").
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Bible Dictionary

Heath definition

Heb. 'arar, (Jer. 17:6; 48:6), a species of juniper called by the Arabs by the same name ('arar), the Juniperus sabina or savin. "Its gloomy, stunted appearance, with its scale-like leaves pressed close to its gnarled stem, and cropped close by the wild goats, as it clings to the rocks about Petra, gives great force to the contrast suggested by the prophet, between him that trusteth in man, naked and destitute, and the man that trusteth in the Lord, flourishing as a tree planted by the waters" (Tristram, Natural History of the Bible).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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