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[booth; British booth] .
Ballington [bal-ing-tuhn] , 1859–1940, founder of the Volunteers of America 1896 (son of William Booth).
Edwin Thomas, 1833–93, U.S. actor (brother of John Wilkes Booth).
Evangeline Cory [kawr-ee, kohr-ee] , 1865?–1950, general of the Salvation Army 1934–39 (daughter of William Booth).
John Wilkes, 1838–65, U.S. actor: assassin of abraham lincoln (brother of Edwin Thomas Booth).
Junius Brutus, 1796–1852, English actor (father of Edwin and John Booth).
William ("General Booth") 1829–1912, English religious leader: founder of the Salvation Army 1865.
William Bramwell [bram-wel, -wuhl] , 1856–1929, general of the Salvation Army (son of William Booth).
a male given name.
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booth (buːð, buːθ)
n , pl booths
1.  a stall for the display or sale of goods, esp a temporary one at a fair or market
2.  a small enclosed or partially enclosed room or cubicle, such as one containing a telephone (telephone booth) or one in which a person casts his or her vote at an election (polling booth)
3.  two long high-backed benches with a long table between, used esp in bars and inexpensive restaurants
4.  (formerly) a temporary structure for shelter, dwelling, storage, etc
[C12: of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse buth, Swedish, Danish bod shop, stall; see bower1]

Booth (buːð)
1.  Edwin Thomas, son of Junius Brutus Booth. 1833--93, US actor
2.  John Wilkes, son of Junius Brutus Booth. 1838--65, US actor; assassin of Abraham Lincoln
3.  Junius Brutus (ˈdʒuːnɪəs ˈbruːtəs). 1796--1852, US actor, born in England
4.  William. 1829--1912, British religious leader; founder and first general of the Salvation Army (1878)

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Word Origin & History

mid-12c., from O.Dan. boþ "temporary dwelling," from E.Norse *boa "to dwell," from P.Gmc. *bowan-, from PIE base *bheue- "to be, exist, grow" (see be). See also bound (adj.2). Cf. Ger. Bude "booth, stall," M.Du. boode, Lith. butas "house," O.Ir
both "hut," Boh. bouda, Pol. buda, some probably borrowed from E.Norse, some formed from the PIE root.
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Bible Dictionary

Booth definition

a hut made of the branches of a tree. In such tabernacles Jacob sojourned for a season at a place named from this circumstance Succoth (Gen. 33:17). Booths were erected also at the feast of Tabernacles (q.v.), Lev. 23:42, 43, which commemorated the abode of the Israelites in the wilderness.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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