a person who puts an edge, especially a finishing edge, on a garment, surface, lens, etc.
a machine for finishing or making an edge, as for stitching, beveling, or trimming.
a gardening tool with a rotary blade for cutting a neat border around a lawn, flower bed, or the like.

1585–95; edge + -er1

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edge (ɛdʒ)
1.  the border, brim, or margin of a surface, object, etc
2.  a brink or verge: the edge of a cliff; the edge of a breakthrough
3.  maths
 a.  a line along which two faces or surfaces of a solid meet
 b.  a line joining two vertices of a graph
4.  the sharp cutting side of a blade
5.  keenness, sharpness, or urgency: the walk gave an edge to his appetite
6.  force, effectiveness, or incisiveness: the performance lacked edge
7.  dialect
 a.  a cliff, ridge, or hillside
 b.  (capital) (in place names): Hade Edge
8.  have the edge on, have the edge over to have a slight advantage or superiority (over)
9.  on edge
 a.  nervously irritable; tense
 b.  nervously excited or eager
10.  set someone's teeth on edge to make someone acutely irritated or uncomfortable
11.  (tr) to provide an edge or border for
12.  (tr) to shape or trim (the edge or border of something), as with a knife or scissors: to edge a pie
13.  to push (one's way, someone, something, etc) gradually, esp edgeways
14.  (tr) cricket to hit (a bowled ball) with the edge of the bat
15.  (tr) to tilt (a ski) sideways so that one edge digs into the snow
16.  (tr) to sharpen (a knife, etc)
[Old English ecg; related to Old Norse egg, Old High German ecka edge, Latin aciēs sharpness, Greek akis point]

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Example sentences
Do not start an edger if the blade is touching the ground.
The steel shaft that drives the edger blade can break during use causing the
  edger blade to detach.
The brooming shall eliminate the flat surface left by the surface face of the
Head sawyer, edger, cutoff saws and green chain operators.
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