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effect (ɪˈfɛkt)
1.  something that is produced by a cause or agent; result
2.  power or ability to influence or produce a result; efficacy: with no effect
3.  the condition of being operative (esp in the phrases in or into effect): the law comes into effect at midnight
4.  take effect to become operative or begin to produce results
5.  basic meaning or purpose (esp in the phrase to that effect)
6.  an impression, usually one that is artificial or contrived (esp in the phrase for effect)
7.  a scientific phenomenon: the Doppler effect
8.  in effect
 a.  in fact; actually
 b.  for all practical purposes
9.  the overall impression or result: the effect of a painting
10.  (tr) to cause to occur; bring about; accomplish
[C14: from Latin effectus a performing, tendency, from efficere to accomplish, from facere to do]

effector or effecter (ɪˈfɛktə)
physiol a nerve ending that terminates in a muscle or gland and provides neural stimulation causing contraction or secretion
effecter or effecter

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Activities of specific effecter molecules were shown to be regulated both by phosphorylation and nitration.
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