[fahrt] Vulgar.
a flatus expelled through the anus.
an irritating or foolish person.
verb (used without object)
to expel a flatus through the anus; break wind.
Verb phrases
fart around, to spend time foolishly or aimlessly.

1350–1400; Middle English ferten, farten (v.), fert, fart (noun); cognate with Greek pérdein (v.), pordḗ (noun)

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fart (fɑːt)
1.  an emission of intestinal gas from the anus, esp an audible one
2.  a contemptible person
3.  to expel intestinal gas from the anus; to break wind
4.  fart about, fart around
 a.  to behave foolishly or aimlessly
 b.  to waste time
[Middle English farten; related to Old Norse freta, Old High German ferzan to break wind, Sanskrit pardatē he breaks wind]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. feortan, ult. from PIE *perd- (cf. O.H.G. ferzan, O.N. freta, Skt. pard, Gk. perdein, Lith. perdzu, Rus. perdet), of imitative origin. Related: Farted; farting.
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Slang Dictionary

fart definition

  1. in.
    to release intestinal gas through the anus. (Often objectionable. One of the classic four-letter words. It should be noted that English does not have a single, “polite” word, noun or verb, for this matter. Break wind is common, but there is no parallel noun. See the complete list of all entries with fart in the Index of Hidden Key Words.) : Okay, who farted?
  2. n.
    the sound or odor of the release of intestinal gas. (Often objectionable.) : Who made that smelly fart?
  3. n.
    a stupid, despicable, and annoying person. (Usually objectionable.) : The guy's nothing but a fart. Just forget him.
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