clothed or covered with feathers; feathered.
resembling feathers; light; airy; unsubstantial: feathery clouds.

1570–80; feather + -y1

featheriness, noun
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feather (ˈfɛðə)
1.  any of the flat light waterproof epidermal structures forming the plumage of birds, each consisting of a hollow shaft having a vane of barbs on either side. They are essential for flight and help maintain body temperature
2.  something resembling a feather, such as a tuft of hair or grass
3.  archery
 a.  a bird's feather or artificial substitute fitted to an arrow to direct its flight
 b.  the feathered end of an arrow, opposite the head
4.  a strip, spline, or tongue of wood fitted into a groove
5.  the wake created on the surface of the water by the raised periscope of a submarine
6.  rowing Compare square the position of an oar turned parallel to the water between strokes
7.  a step in ballroom dancing in which a couple maintain the conventional hold but dance side by side
8.  condition of spirits; fettle: in fine feather
9.  something of negligible value; jot: I don't care a feather
10.  birds of a feather people of the same type, character, or interests
11.  feather in one's cap a cause for pleasure at one's achievements: your promotion is a feather in your cap
12.  (Irish) not take a feather out of someone, not knock a feather out of someone to fail to upset or injure someone: it didn't take a feather out of him
13.  (tr) to fit, cover, or supply with feathers
14.  rowing Compare square to turn (an oar) parallel to the water during recovery between strokes, principally in order to lessen wind resistance
15.  (in canoeing) to turn (a paddle) parallel to the direction of the canoe between strokes, while keeping it in the water, principally in order to move silently
16.  to change the pitch of (an aircraft propeller) so that the chord lines of the blades are in line with the airflow
17.  (tr) to join (two boards) by means of a tongue-and-groove joint
18.  (intr) (of a bird) to grow feathers
19.  (intr) to move or grow like feathers
20.  feather one's nest to provide oneself with comforts, esp financial
[Old English fether; related to Old Frisian fethere, Old Norse fjöthr feather, Old High German fedara wing, Greek petesthai to fly, Sanskrit patati he flies]

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Example sentences
Anchored to the bottom inside calcareous tubes, they collected food particles
  with feathery arms that waved in the ocean currents.
The newt changes shape as it grows, and the adult newt doesn't have these
  feathery gills.
Has a powerful build and feathery touch around the basket.
Consistency among brands ranges from feathery soft to mildly gritty.
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