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field line

in physics, path followed by an electric charge free to move in an electric field or a mass free to move in a gravitational field, or generally any appropriate test particle in a given force field. More abstractly, lines of force are lines in any such force field the tangent of which at any point gives the field direction at that point and the density of which gives the magnitude of the field. The concept of lines of force was introduced into physics in the 1830s by the English scientist Michael Faraday, who considered magnetic and electric effects in the region around a magnet or electric charge as a property of the region rather than an effect taking place at a distance from a cause

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Example sentences
Nobody has ever discovered a magnetic field line that doesn't form a complete
  circle, though many scientists have tried.
The charged particles are moving both perpendicular to the magnetic field line
  and parallel to it.
Fernandez then grounded his double down the right-field line.
Small laboratory experiment to investigate the fundamental physics of magnetic
  field line reconnection.
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