lacking fire; without a fire.
lacking spirit or enthusiasm.

1350–1400; Middle English fuyrles. See fire, -less Unabridged
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fire (faɪə)
1.  the state of combustion in which inflammable material burns, producing heat, flames, and often smoke
2.  a.  a mass of burning coal, wood, etc, used esp in a hearth to heat a room
 b.  (in combination): firewood; firelighter
3.  a destructive conflagration, as of a forest, building, etc
4.  a device for heating a room, etc
5.  something resembling a fire in light or brilliance: a diamond's fire
6.  a flash or spark of or as if of fire
7.  a.  the act of discharging weapons, artillery, etc
 b.  the shells, etc, fired
8.  a burst or rapid volley: a fire of questions
9.  intense passion; ardour
10.  liveliness, as of imagination, thought, etc
11.  a burning sensation sometimes produced by drinking strong alcoholic liquor
12.  fever and inflammation
13.  a severe trial or torment (esp in the phrase go through fire and water)
14.  catch fire to ignite
15.  draw someone's fire to attract the criticism or censure of someone
16.  hang fire
 a.  to delay firing
 b.  to delay or be delayed
17.  no smoke without fire the evidence strongly suggests something has indeed happened
18.  on fire
 a.  in a state of ignition
 b.  ardent or eager
 c.  informal playing or performing at the height of one's abilities
19.  open fire to start firing a gun, artillery, etc
20.  play with fire to be involved in something risky
21.  (Brit) set fire to, set on fire
 a.  to ignite
 b.  to arouse or excite
22.  informal set the world on fire, set the Thames on fire, set the heather on fire to cause a great sensation
23.  under fire being attacked, as by weapons or by harsh criticism
24.  (modifier) astrology earth air Compare water of or relating to a group of three signs of the zodiac, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
25.  to discharge (a firearm or projectile) or (of a firearm, etc) to be discharged
26.  to detonate (an explosive charge or device) or (of such a charge or device) to be detonated
27.  informal (tr) to dismiss from employment
28.  (tr) ceramics to bake in a kiln to harden the clay, fix the glaze, etc
29.  to kindle or be kindled; ignite
30.  (tr) to provide with fuel: oil fires the heating system
31.  (intr) to tend a fire
32.  (tr) to subject to heat
33.  (tr) to heat slowly so as to dry
34.  (tr) to arouse to strong emotion
35.  to glow or cause to glow
36.  (intr) (of an internal-combustion engine) to ignite
37.  (intr) (of grain) to become blotchy or yellow before maturity
38.  vet science another word for cauterize
39.  informal (Austral) (intr) (of a sportsman, etc) to play well or with enthusiasm
sentence substitute
40.  a cry to warn others of a fire
41.  the order to begin firing a gun, artillery, etc
[Old English fӯr; related to Old Saxon fiur, Old Norse fūrr, Old High German fūir, Greek pur]

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Example sentences
In the case of a fireless steam locomotive, any calendar day that the boiler has steam pressure above atmospheric pressure.
She uses dustless dusters and vacuum cleaners and fireless cookers and every other labour-saving invention on the market.
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