fit tingly


suitable or appropriate; proper or becoming.
the act of a person or thing that fits.
an act or instance of trying on clothes that are being made or altered to determine proper fit.
anything provided as equipment, parts, supply, etc.
Usually, fittings. furniture, fixtures, etc., as of a building or apartment.

1525–35; fit1 + -ing2, -ing1

fittingly, adverb
fittingness, noun
self-fitting, adjective
underfitting, noun
unfitting, adjective
unfittingly, adverb
well-fitting, adjective

1. fit, meet, right, decorous, seemly. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
fitting (ˈfɪtɪŋ)
1.  appropriate or proper; suitable
2.  an accessory or part: an electrical fitting
3.  (plural) furnishings or accessories in a building
4.  work carried out by a fitter
5.  the act of trying on clothes so that they can be adjusted to fit
6.  (Brit) size in clothes or shoes: a narrow fitting

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Word Origin & History

1823, "the fitting of one thing to another," later (1831) "the way something fits." Originally "an adversary of equal power" (mid-13c.), obscure, possibly from O.E. fitt "a conflict, a struggle" (see fit (n.2)). The verb meaning "be suitable" is probably from early 15c. and
likely from the adjective. Related: Fitted; fitting.

"paroxysm, sudden attack" (as of anger), 1540s, probably via M.E. sense of "painful, exciting experience," from O.E. fitt "conflict, struggle," of uncertain origin, with no clear cognates outside English. Phrase by fits and starts first attested 1610s.

"suited to the circumstances, proper," mid-15c., of unknown origin, perhaps from M.E. noun fit "an adversary of equal power" (mid-13c.), which is perhaps connected to fit (n.1). The verb meaning "to be the right shape" is first attested 1580s. Survival of the fittest (1867) coined by H. Spencer.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

fit 1 (fĭt)
v. fit·ted or fit, fit·ted, fit·ting, fits
To be the proper size and shape. adj. fit·ter, fit·test
Physically sound; healthy. n.
The degree of precision with which surfaces are adjusted or adapted to each other in a machine, device, or collection of parts.

fit 2 (fĭt)

  1. A seizure or a convulsion, especially one caused by epilepsy.

  2. The sudden appearance of a symptom such as coughing or sneezing.

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