3 [flook]
any of several American flounders of the genus Paralichthys, especially P. dentatus, found in the Atlantic Ocean.
any of various other flatfishes.
a trematode.

before 900; Middle English flok(e), fluke, Old English flōc; cognate with Old Norse flōki; compare Old High German flah flat (German flach)

flukeless, adjective
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fluke1 (fluːk)
1.  Also called: flue a flat bladelike projection at the end of the arm of an anchor
2.  either of the two lobes of the tail of a whale or related animal
3.  Also called: flue the barb or barbed head of a harpoon, arrow, etc
[C16: perhaps a special use of fluke³ (in the sense: a flounder)]

fluke2 (fluːk)
1.  an accidental stroke of luck
2.  any chance happening
3.  (tr) to gain, make, or hit by a fluke
[C19: of unknown origin]

fluke3 (fluːk)
1.  any parasitic flatworm, such as the blood fluke and liver fluke, of the classes Monogenea and Digenea (formerly united in a single class Trematoda)
2.  another name for flounder
[Old English flōc; related to Old Norse flōki flounder, Old Saxon flaka sole, Old High German flah smooth]

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Word Origin & History

"flat end of an arm of an anchor," 1560s, perhaps from fluke (3) on resemblance of shape, or from L.Ger. flügel "wing." Meaning "whale's tail" (in plural, flukes) is 1725.

"lucky chance," 1857, originally a lucky shot at billiards, of uncertain origin.

"flatfish," O.E. floc "flatfish," related to O.N. floke "flatfish," flak "disk, floe" (see flake). The parasite worm (1668) so called from resemblance of shape.
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Medical Dictionary

fluke 1 (flōōk)
See trematode.

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Science Dictionary
fluke   (flk)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. Either of the two flattened fins of a whale's tail.

  2. See trematode.

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