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2 [found]
verb (used with object)
to set up or establish on a firm basis or for enduring existence: to found a new publishing company.
to lay the lowest part of (a structure) on a firm base or ground: a house founded on solid rock.
to base or ground (usually followed by on or upon ): a story founded on fact.
to provide a basis or ground for.

1250–1300; Middle English founden < Old French fonder < Latin fundāre, derivative of fundus bottom, foundation

1. organize, inaugurate, institute, originate. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
found1 (faʊnd)
1.  the past tense and past participle of find
2.  furnished, or fitted out: the boat is well found
3.  (Brit) with meals, heating, bed linen, etc, provided without extra charge (esp in the phrase all found)

found2 (faʊnd)
1.  (tr) to bring into being, set up, or establish (something, such as an institution, society, etc)
2.  (tr) to build or establish the foundation or basis of
3.  (also intr; foll by on or upon) to have a basis (in); depend (on)
[C13: from Old French fonder, from Latin fundāre, from fundus bottom]

found3 (faʊnd)
1.  to cast (a material, such as metal or glass) by melting and pouring into a mould
2.  to shape or make (articles) in this way; cast
[C14: from Old French fondre, from Latin fundere to melt]

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Word Origin & History

"establish," late 13c., from O.Fr. founder, from L. fundare "to lay the bottom or foundation of something," from fundus "bottom, foundation" (see fund (n.)). Related: Founded; founding.

"cast metal," late 14c., from M.Fr. fondre "pour out, melt, mix together," from O.Fr. fondre, from L. fundere "melt, cast, pour out," from PIE *gheud-, from root *gheu- "to pour" (cf. Goth. giutan, O.E. geotan "to pour").
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