gag order

a court order banning reporters, attorneys, and other parties involved in a case before a court of law from reporting on or publicly disclosing anything relating to the case.
Example Sentences for gag order
Lawyers for both sides say the judge has issued a gag order and they are unable to comment on the case.
One moment, she explains she cannot talk because of a court-ordered gag order.
The same day, a court gag order was issued to prevent anyone involved in the case from speaking to the press.
Additionally, the jury was not sequestered and there was no gag order placed on the defense.
Claimant interpreted the new communications policy as a gag order meant to keep him quiet about his story.
The local media observed a voluntary gag order to prevent the violence from spreading to other cities.
There is no gag order available against a complainant.
The former chief judge allowed the press in the courtroom in the past under the condition of a qualified gag order.

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