[jel] /dʒɛl/
Physical Chemistry. a semirigid colloidal dispersion of a solid with a liquid or gas, as jelly, glue, etc.
Theater, gelatin (def 5).
Biochemistry. a semirigid polymer, as agarose, starch, cellulose acetate, or polyacrylamide, cast into slabs or cylinders for the electrophoretic separation of proteins and nucleic acids.
verb (used without object), gelled, gelling.
to form or become a gel.
jell (def 2).
1895–1900; shortening of gelatin
Related forms
degel, verb (used with object), degelled, degelling.
nongelling, adjective
regel, verb (used without object), regelled, regelling.
Example Sentences for gel
Water saturated butanol is used as an overlay solution on the resolving gel.
British Dictionary definitions for gel
gel (dʒɛl)
1.  a semirigid jelly-like colloid in which a liquid is dispersed in a solid: nondrip paint is a gel
2.  See hair gel
3.  informal theatre See gelatine
vb , gels, gelling, gelled
4.  to become or cause to become a gel
5.  a variant spelling of jell
[C19: by shortening from gelatine]

jell or gel (dʒɛl)
vb , jells, jelling, jelled, gels, gelling, gelled
1.  to make or become gelatinous; congeal
2.  (intr) to assume definite form: his ideas have jelled
3.  (US) an informal word for jelly
[C19: back formation from jelly1]
gel or gel
[C19: back formation from jelly1]

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Word Origin and History for gel
1899, as a chemical term, short for gelatin, perhaps infl. by jell. The invention of this word is credited to Thomas Graham, who died in 1869. Hair-styling sense is from 1958. The verb meaning "to become a gel" is from 1917; fig. sense is from 1958.
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gel in Medicine

gel (jěl)
A colloid in which the disperse phase combines with the dispersion medium to produce a semisolid material. v. gelled, gel·ling, gels

  1. To become a gel.

  2. To convert a sol into a gel.

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Slang definitions & phrases for gel


  1. To come to a firm and useful form; work: In this highly partisan county, it just didn't gel/ If this doesn't gel, the local people will be stuck/ Frost's saga fails to jell either as compelling drama or convincing social portraiture (1950s+)
  2. (also jell out) To relax; chill out, kick back: After having five hours of class today I think I'll just go home and gel (1980s+ Students)

[second sense perhaps fr the notion of productively sitting still as a gelatin pudding does]

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Georgia—lari (currency)
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Encyclopedia Article for gel

coherent mass consisting of a liquid in which particles too small to be seen in an ordinary optical microscope are either dispersed or arranged in a fine network throughout the mass. A gel may be notably elastic and jellylike (as gelatin or fruit jelly), or quite solid and rigid (as silica gel, a material that looks like coarse white sand and is used as a dehumidifier). Gels are colloids (aggregates of fine particles, as described above, dispersed in a continuous medium) in which the liquid medium has become viscous enough to behave more or less as a solid. Contraction of a gel, causing separation of liquid from it, is called syneresis. Compare sol

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