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Anatomy. the trunk of the body from the neck to the abdomen; thorax.
a box, usually with a lid, for storage, safekeeping of valuables, etc.: a toy chest; a jewelry chest.
the place where the funds of a public institution or charitable organization are kept; treasury; coffer.
the funds themselves.
a box in which certain goods, as tea, are packed for transit.
the quantity contained in such a box: a chest of spices.
a small cabinet, especially one hung on a wall, for storage, as of toiletries and medicines: a medicine chest.
get (something) off one's chest, Informal. to relieve oneself of (problems, troubling thoughts, etc.) by revealing them to someone.
play it close to the chest. vest ( def 16 ).

before 900; Middle English; Old English cest, cist < Latin cista < Greek kístē box

chestful [chest-fool] , noun

celibate, chased, chaste, chest. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
chest (tʃɛst)
1.  a.  the front part of the trunk from the neck to the bellyRelated: pectoral
 b.  (as modifier): a chest cold
2.  informal get something off one's chest to unburden oneself of troubles, worries, etc, by talking about them
3.  a box, usually large and sturdy, used for storage or shipping: a tea chest
4.  Also: chestful the quantity a chest holds
5.  rare
 a.  the place in which a public or charitable institution deposits its funds
 b.  the funds so deposited
6.  a sealed container or reservoir for a gas: a wind chest; a steam chest
Related: pectoral
[Old English cest, from Latin cista wooden box, basket, from Greek kistē box]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. cest "box, coffer," from P.Gmc. *kista, an early borrowing from L. cista, from Gk. kiste "a box, basket," from PIE *kista "woven container." Meaning extended to "thorax" 1530, replacing breast, on the metaphor of the ribs as a box for the organs. Chest of drawers is from 1599.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

chest (chěst)
The part of the body between the neck and the abdomen, enclosed by the ribs and the breastbone; thorax.

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Bible Dictionary

Chest definition

(Heb. _'aron_, generally rendered "ark"), the coffer into which the contributions for the repair of the temple were put (2 Kings 12:9, 10; 2 Chr. 24:8, 10, 11). In Gen. 50:26 it is rendered "coffin." In Ezek. 27:24 a different Hebrew word, _genazim_ (plur.), is used. It there means "treasure-chests."

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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