rather good; fairly good.

1750–60; good + -ish1 Unabridged
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good (ɡʊd)
adj , better, best
1.  having admirable, pleasing, superior, or positive qualities; not negative, bad or mediocre: a good idea; a good teacher
2.  a.  morally excellent or admirable; virtuous; righteous: a good man
 b.  (as collective noun; preceded by the): the good
3.  suitable or efficient for a purpose: a good secretary; a good winter coat
4.  beneficial or advantageous: vegetables are good for you
5.  not ruined or decayed; sound or whole: the meat is still good
6.  kindly, generous, or approving: you are good to him
7.  right or acceptable: your qualifications are good for the job
8.  rich and fertile: good land
9.  valid or genuine: I would not do this without good reason
10.  honourable or held in high esteem: a good family
11.  commercially or financially secure, sound, or safe: good securities; a good investment
12.  (of a draft) drawn for a stated sum
13.  (of debts) expected to be fully paid
14.  clever, competent, or talented: he's good at science
15.  obedient or well-behaved: a good dog
16.  reliable, safe, or recommended: a good make of clothes
17.  affording material pleasure or indulgence: the good things in life; the good life
18.  having a well-proportioned, beautiful, or generally fine appearance: a good figure; a good complexion
19.  complete; full: I took a good look round the house
20.  propitious; opportune: a good time to ask the manager for a rise
21.  satisfying or gratifying: a good rest
22.  comfortable: did you have a good night?
23.  newest or of the best quality: to keep the good plates for important guests
24.  fairly large, extensive, or long: a good distance away
25.  sufficient; ample: we have a good supply of food
26.  (US) (of meat) of the third government grade, above standard and below choice
27.  serious or intellectual: good music
28.  used in a traditional description: the good ship ``America''
29.  used in polite or patronizing phrases or to express anger (often intended ironically): how is your good lady?; look here, my good man!
30.  a good one
 a.  an unbelievable assertion
 b.  a very funny joke
31.  as good as virtually; practically: it's as good as finished
32.  as good as gold excellent; very good indeed
33.  be as good as to, be so good as to would you please
34.  come good to recover and perform well after a bad start or setback
35.  informal good and (intensifier): good and mad
36.  (intensifier; used in mild oaths): good grief!; good heavens!
37.  an exclamation of approval, agreement, pleasure, etc
38.  moral or material advantage or use; benefit or profit: for the good of our workers; what is the good of worrying?
39.  positive moral qualities; goodness; virtue; righteousness; piety
40.  (sometimes capital) moral qualities seen as a single abstract entity: we must pursue the Good
41.  a good thing
42.  economics a commodity or service that satisfies a human need
43.  for good, for good and all forever; permanently: I have left them for good
44.  make good
 a.  to recompense or repair damage or injury
 b.  to be successful
 c.  to demonstrate or prove the truth of (a statement or accusation)
 d.  to secure and retain (a position)
 e.  to effect or fulfil (something intended or promised)
45.  good on you, good for you well done, well said, etc: a term of congratulation
46.  (Irish) get any good of, get some good of
 a.  to handle to good effect: I never got any good of this machine
 b.  to understand properly: I could never get any good of him
 c.  to receive cooperation from
[Old English gōd; related to Old Norse gōthr, Old High German guot good]

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But the government has made a goodish fist of a rotten hand.
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