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1 [greyt]
a frame of metal bars for holding fuel when burning, as in a fireplace, furnace, or stove.
a framework of parallel or crossed bars, used as a partition, guard, cover, or the like; grating.
a fireplace.
verb (used with object), grated, grating.
to furnish with a grate or grates.

1350–1400; Middle English < Medieval Latin grāta a grating, variant of crāta, derivative of Latin crāt- (stem of crātis) wickerwork, hurdle; cf. crate

grateless, adjective
gratelike, adjective


2 [greyt]
verb (used without object), grated, grating.
to have an irritating or unpleasant effect: His constant chatter grates on my nerves.
to make a sound of, or as if of, rough scraping; rasp.
to sound harshly; jar: to grate on the ear.
to scrape or rub with rough or noisy friction, as one thing on or against another.
verb (used with object), grated, grating.
to reduce to small particles by rubbing against a rough surface or a surface with many sharp-edged openings: to grate a carrot.
to rub together with a harsh, jarring sound: to grate one's teeth.
to irritate or annoy.
Archaic. to wear down or away by rough friction.

1375–1425; late Middle English graten < Old French grater < Germanic; compare German kratzen to scratch

7. vex, gall, nettle, irk, rile, bug.
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grate1 (ɡreɪt)
1.  (tr) to reduce to small shreds by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surface: to grate carrots
2.  to scrape (an object) against something or (objects) together, producing a harsh rasping sound, or (of objects) to scrape with such a sound
3.  (intr; foll by on or upon) to annoy
4.  a harsh rasping sound
[C15: from Old French grater to scrape, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German krazzōn]

grate2 (ɡreɪt)
1.  a framework of metal bars for holding fuel in a fireplace, stove, or furnace
2.  a less common word for fireplace
3.  another name for grating
4.  mining a perforated metal screen for grading crushed ore
5.  (tr) to provide with a grate or grates
[C14: from Old French grate, from Latin crātis hurdle]

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Word Origin & History

c.1400, from M.L. grata "lattice," from L. cratis "wickerwork."

late 14c. (implied in grater), from O.Fr. grater "to scrape," from Frank. *kratton, from P.Gmc. *krattojan (cf. O.H.G. krazzon "to scratch, scrape"), probably of imitative origin. Senses of "sound harshly," and "annoy" are 16c.
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Bible Dictionary

Grate definition

a network of brass for the bottom of the great altar of sacrifice (Ex. 27:4; 35:16; 38:4, 5, 30).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Example sentences
Yet, for all the focus on the food, little lacunae in service grated.
The ketchup, red and decadent, embedded with little flecks of grated onion.
Wasabi loses much of its flavor and pungency within minutes after it's grated,
  and so its preparation is timely.
Nor is there anything foolproof in that cup of grated cheese, a half-cup of
  diced carrots or a tablespoon of butter.
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