Main Entry:  gronk1
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  any nasty substance, as in the belly button or between toes
Example:  I can't deal with the gronk.
Usage:  slang's 21st Century Lexicon
Main Entry:  gronk2
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  a fool or idiot; a weak person, esp. a man
Example:  turned into gronks
Etymology:  1987
Usage:  slang's 21st Century Lexicon
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gronk definition

/gronk/ Popularised by Johnny Hart's comic strip "B.C." but the word apparently predates that.
1. To clear the state of a wedged device and restart it. More severe than "to frob" (sense 2).
2. [TMRC] To cut, sever, smash, or similarly disable.
3. The sound made by many 3.5-inch diskette drives. In particular, the microfloppies on a Commodore Amiga go "grink, gronk".
[Jargon File]

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