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[grohp] /groʊp/
verb (used without object), groped, groping.
to feel about with the hands; feel one's way:
I had to grope around in the darkness before I found the light switch.
to search blindly or uncertainly:
He seemed to be groping for an answer to the question.
verb (used with object), groped, groping.
to seek by or as if by groping:
to grope one's way up the dark stairs.
to touch or handle (someone) for sexual pleasure.
an act or instance of groping.
Slang. an act or instance of sexually fondling another person.
before 900; Middle English gropien, Old English grāpian, derivative of grāp grasp; akin to gripe, grasp
1. fumble, probe, fish. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for groped
  • But it also groped towards an answer to an even more important question.
  • Others groped around for forms of words that were kind without sounding effusive.
  • One guy somewhere puts something in his underwear and the entire country will change its behavior and be scanned and groped.
  • Lake had to delay their talk as he groped for the key to convert his home phone to a secure line.
  • But as state lotteries and casinos boomed, the tracks suffered and have groped for ways to stay alive.
  • As a result, the countries and their creditors have groped for unconventional ways to satisfy the debt.
  • He lured her to his office with a promise of special coaching that could make her tennis dreams come true, then groped her.
  • Anyone who has groped for a phone bleating at the bottom of a purse or dialed while at the steering wheel knows this.
  • As smoke filled the barn, the survivors groped their way through a small door that led into another barn.
  • People who refuse to be groped or radiated to fly on a plane make headlines.
British Dictionary definitions for groped


(intransitive) usually foll by for. to feel or search about uncertainly (for something) with the hands
(intransitive; usually foll by for or after) to search uncertainly or with difficulty (for a solution, answer, etc)
(transitive) to find or make (one's way) by groping
(transitive) (slang) to feel or fondle the body of (someone) for sexual gratification
the act of groping
Derived Forms
gropingly, adverb
Word Origin
Old English grāpian; related to Old High German greifōn, Norwegian greipa; compare gripe
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Word Origin and History for groped



Old English grapian "to feel about (as one blind or in darkness)," originally "lay hold of, seize, touch, attain," related to gripan "grasp at" (see gripe). Figurative sense is from early 14c. Indecent sense (marked as "obsolete" in OED) is from c.1200. Related: Groped; groping. The noun is Old English grap.

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Slang definitions & phrases for groped



To touch, feel, caress, fondle, etc, with seeming or actual sexual intent (1250+)

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