1 [guhj-uhn]
a small, European, freshwater fish, Gobio gobio, of the minnow family, having a threadlike barbel at each corner of the mouth, used as bait.
any of certain related fishes.
a person who is easily duped or cheated.
a bait or allurement.
verb (used with object)
to dupe or cheat.

1375–1425; late Middle English gogion < Old French go(u)jon < Latin gōbiōn- (stem of gōbiō), variant of gobius. See goby Unabridged


2 [guhj-uhn]
Machinery. a trunnion.
a socket for the pintle of a hinge.
Nautical. a socket attached to the stern frame of a vessel, for holding the pintle of a rudder.

1350–1400; Middle English gudyon < Old French go(u)jon, perhaps ultimately < Late Latin gu(l)bia a chisel; see gouge Unabridged
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gudgeon1 (ˈɡʌdʒən)
1.  a small slender European freshwater cyprinid fish, Gobio gobio, with a barbel on each side of the mouth: used as bait by anglers
2.  any of various other fishes, such as the goby
3.  bait or enticement
4.  slang a person who is easy to trick or cheat
5.  slang (tr) to trick or cheat
[C15: from Old French gougon, probably from Latin gōbius; see goby]

gudgeon2 (ˈɡʌdʒən)
1.  a.  a pivot at the end of a beam or axle
 b.  the female or socket portion of a pinned hinge
2.  nautical one of two or more looplike sockets, fixed to the transom of a boat, into which the pintles of a rudder are fitted
[C14: from Old French goujon, perhaps from Late Latin gulbia chisel]

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Word Origin & History

"small freshwater fish," early 15c., from M.Fr. goujon, from O.Fr. gojon, from L. gobionem (nom. gobio), alteration of gobius, from Gk. kobios, a kind of fish.
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(species Gobio gobio), common small fish of the carp family, Cyprinidae, found in clear, fresh waters of Europe and northern Asia. A grayish or greenish fish, the gudgeon has a barbel at each corner of its mouth and a row of blackish spots along each side. Rarely exceeding a length of 20 cm (8 inches), it lives in schools and feeds mainly on small animals. It is edible and is used as fish bait.

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Example sentences
Coarse fish swam in them: pike and carp, tench and bream, and so on down to the tiny dace and gudgeon.
Archaeologists are holding a bronze gudgeon and pintle.
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