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high explosive. Also, HE.
His Eminence.
His Excellency; Her Excellency.
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he1 (hiː, (unstressed) iː)
1.  refers to a male person or animal: he looks interesting; he's a fine stallion
2.  refers to an indefinite antecedent such as one, whoever, or anybody: everybody can do as he likes in this country
3.  refers to a person or animal of unknown or unspecified sex: a member of the party may vote as he sees fit
4.  a.  a male person or animal
 b.  (in combination): he-goat
5.  a.  Compare tag a children's game in which one player chases the others in an attempt to touch one of them, who then becomes the chaser
 b.  Compare it the person chasing
[Old English hē; related to Old Saxon hie, Old High German her he, Old Slavonic this, Latin cis on this side]

he2 (heɪ, Hebrew he)
the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (ה), transliterated as h

he3 (hiː, heɪ)
he-he!, Also: hee-hee! an expression of amusement or derision

the chemical symbol for

abbreviation for
1.  high explosive
2.  His Eminence
3.  His (or Her) Excellency

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Word Origin & History

O.E. he (see paradigm of O.E. third pers. pronoun below), from P.Gmc. *hiz, from P.Gmc. base *khi-, from PIE *ki-, the "this, here" (as opposed to "that, there") root (cf. Hittite ki "this," Gk. ekeinos "that person," O.C.S. si, Lith. sis "this"), and thus the source of the third person pronouns in
O.E. The feminine, hio, was replaced in early M.E. by forms from other stems (see she), while the h- wore off O.E. neut. hit to make modern it. The P.Gmc. root is also the source of the first element in Ger. heute "today," lit. "the day" (cf. O.E. heodæg). Slang he-man "masculine fellow" is from 1832, originally among U.S. pioneers.

- masc. neut. fem. (all genders)
nom. he hit heo, hio hie, hi
acc. hine hit hie, hi hie, hi
gen. his his hire hira, heora
dat. him him hire him, heom
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Medical Dictionary

The symbol for the element helium.

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Science Dictionary
The symbol for helium.
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Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. Her (or His) Excellency

  2. high explosive

  3. His (or Her) Eminence

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