half armed


bearing firearms; having weapons: a heavily armed patrol.
maintained by arms: armed peace.
involving the use of weapons: armed conflict.
equipped: The students came armed with their pocket calculators.
(especially of an animal) covered protectively, as by a shell.
fortified; made secure: Armed by an inveterate optimism, he withstood despair.
(of an artillery shell, bomb, missile, etc.) having the fuze made operative.

1250–1300; Middle English; see arm2, -ed2

half-armed, adjective
well-armed, adjective
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armed1 (ɑːmd)
1.  equipped with or supported by arms, armour, etc
2.  prepared for conflict or any difficulty
3.  (of an explosive device) prepared for use; having a fuse or detonator installed
4.  (of plants) having the protection of thorns, spines, etc

armed2 (ɑːmd)
a.  having an arm or arms
 b.  (in combination): long-armed; one-armed

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Word Origin & History

"body part," O.E. earm "arm," from P.Gmc. *armaz (cf. O.S., M.Du., Ger. arm, O.N. armr, O.Fris. erm), from PIE base *ar- "fit, join" (cf. Skt. irmah "arm," Armenian armukn "elbow," O.Prus. irmo "arm," Gk. arthron "a joint," L. armus "shoulder"). Arm of the sea was in O.E. Arm-twister "powerful persuader"
is from 1938. Arm-wrestling is from 1971.
"They wenten arme in arme yfere Into the gardyn" [Chaucer]

"weapon," c.1300, from O.Fr. armes (pl.), 11c., from L. arma "weapons," lit. "tools, implements (of war)," from PIE base *ar- "fit, join." The notion seems to be "that which is fitted together." Meaning "heraldic insignia" (in coat of arms, etc.) is early 14c.; originally they were borne on shields of
fully armed knights or barons. The verb meaning "to furnish with weapons" is from c.1200.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

arm 1 (ärm)
An upper limb of the human body, connecting the hand and wrist to the shoulder.

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