hand brake

a brake operated by a hand lever.
Compare caliper (def 6).
(in an automobile) an emergency or parking brake operated by a hand lever.
Example Sentences for hand brake
The device also has a hand brake, for maneuvering around obstacles.
The hand brake is easier to manipulate than the foot brake.
The pressure in the service line is controlled by the brake pedal and the trailer hand brake.
Each hand brake shall be so located that it can be safely operated while car is in motion.
If the vehicle must be left unattended, leave it in gear and use the hand brake and chocks.
Do not use the trailer hand brake to straighten out the rig.
Unit movement is controlled by the use of a hand brake system.
In the absence of a dual control brake, the vehicle shall have a hand brake that is readily accessible to the instructor.
While you're on the hill, test out the hand brake to make sure that it holds the car.
Do not operate a hand brake from a location that requires excessive reaching or leaning.

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