[hahy-pou-erd] /ˈhaɪˈpaʊ ərd/
extremely energetic, dynamic, and capable:
"high-powered executives."
of a forceful and driving character:
"high-powered selling techniques."
capable of a high degree of magnification:
"a high-powered microscope."
very powerful.
Example Sentences for high-powered
And you get a bird's-eye view from platforms mounted with high-powered scopes.
Using high-powered microscopes, they took a closer look at this hominid's teeth.
We also employed high-powered microscopes to capture the many beautiful patterns and structures visible inside foods.
More exotic ideas involve employing high-powered lasers or ejecting a series of tiny relay devices, akin to messages in a bottle.
The surrounding area is then washed down with high-powered hoses.
But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
Most top coaches come armed with high-powered agents, many of whom also represent professional athletes and coaches.
We have heard similarly lame excuses from other high-powered academic plagiarists.
Under a high-powered microscope the silica shells of single-celled algae are revealed in all their manifold beauty.
British Dictionary definitions for high-powered
1.  (of an optical instrument or lens) having a high magnification: a high-powered telescope
2.  dynamic and energetic; highly capable
3.  possessing great strength, power, etc: a high-powered engine

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Forceful; energetic; high-octane, punchy : George is a real high-powered salesman

[1930s+; used of cars by 1903]

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