2 [hipt]
adjective Informal.
greatly interested or preoccupied, almost to an irrational extent; obsessed (usually followed by on ): He's hipped on learning to play the tuba.

1915–20; hip4 + -ed3

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hipped1 (hɪpt)
1.  a.  having a hip or hips
 b.  (in combination): broad-hipped; low-hipped
2.  (esp of cows, sheep, reindeer, elk, etc) having an injury to the hip, such as a dislocation of the bones
3.  architect See also hipped roof having a hip or hips

hipped2 (hɪpt)
adj (foll by on)
old-fashioned, slang (US), (Canadian) very enthusiastic (about)
[C20: from hip4]

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Word Origin & History

"part of the body where pelvis and thigh join," O.E. hype, from P.Gmc. *khupiz (cf. Du. heup, Ger. Hüfte, Goth. hups "hip"), from PIE *qeub- "to bend." Hipsters "pants that ride on the hips" first attested 1962; hip-huggers in this sense first recorded 1967.

"seed pod" (especially of wild rose), O.E. heope, hiope, from P.Gmc. *khiup- (cf. dial. Norw. hjupa, O.H.G. hiafo, Ger. hiefe, O.E. hiopa "briar, bramble").

"informed," 1904, apparently originally in black slang, probably a variant of hep, with which it is identical in sense, though it is recorded four years earlier. Hip-hop music style first recorded 1982.

exclamation used to introduce a united cheer (cf. hip-hip-hurrah), 1827, earlier hep, cf. Ger. hepp, to animals a cry to attack, to mobs a cry to attack Jews (see hep (2)); perhaps a natural sound (cf. L. eho, heus).
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

hip (hĭp)

  1. The lateral prominence of the pelvis from the waist to the thigh.

  2. The hip joint.

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