hughie lofting


[lawf-ting, lof-]
Hugh, 1886–1947, U.S. author of books for children, born in England. Unabridged
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Word Origin & History

"an upper chamber," c.1300, from late O.E. loft "air," from O.N. lopt "air, sky," originally "upper story, loft, attic" (Scandinavian -pt- pronounced like -ft-), from P.Gmc. *luftuz "air, sky" (cf. O.E. lyft, Du. lucht, O.H.G. luft, Ger. Luft, Goth. luftus "air"). Sense development is from "loft, ceiling"
to "sky, air." Buck suggests ultimate connection with O.H.G. louft "bark," louba "roof, attic," etc., with development from "bark" to "roof made of bark" to "ceiling," though this did not directly inform the meaning "air, sky." Meaning "gallery in a church" first attested c.1500. Verb meaning "to hit a ball high in the air" is first attested 1857, originally in golf.
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