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[il-uh-strey-tid] /ˈɪl əˌstreɪ tɪd/
containing pictures, drawings, and other illustrations:
an illustrated book.
British. a magazine or newspaper regularly containing many photographs or drawings.
Origin of illustrated
1825-35; illustrate + -ed2
Related forms
unillustrated, adjective
well-illustrated, adjective


[il-uh-streyt, ih-luhs-treyt] /ˈɪl əˌstreɪt, ɪˈlʌs treɪt/
verb (used with object), illustrated, illustrating.
to furnish (a book, magazine, etc.) with drawings, pictures, or other artwork intended for explanation, elucidation, or adornment.
to make clear or intelligible, as by examples or analogies; exemplify.
Archaic. to enlighten.
verb (used without object), illustrated, illustrating.
to clarify one's words, writings, etc., with examples:
To prevent misunderstandings, let me illustrate.
1520-30; < Latin illustrātus past participle of illustrāre to illuminate, make clear, give glory to. See il-1, luster1, -ate1
Related forms
illustratable, adjective
overillustrate, verb (used with object), overillustrated, overillustrating.
preillustrate, verb (used with object), preillustrated, preillustrating.
reillustrate, verb (used with object), reillustrated, reillustrating.
superillustrate, verb (used with object), superillustrated, superillustrating. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for illustrated
  • Nearly every plant listed in this illustrated guide comes with suggestions for landscape use.
  • Each of her posts is beautifully written and illustrated with fine photography, so it's easy to get lost in them.
  • The contents illustrated a strict obedience to this principle.
  • It has been amply illustrated and everything has been done to make it vivid and clear.
  • So long as that usage continues, there are various degrees of ambiguity, illustrated by the three following examples.
  • Eyes are a specialty-he has illustrated eye surgery with detailed examinations of the layers of cells in the retina.
  • On page three of her paper, she had a quote that illustrated exactly the point she was trying to make.
  • illustrated accounts of their plumages and life stages, and hundreds of color-coded range maps.
  • It has also illustrated the murkiness of this sort of warfare.
  • Each category is illustrated with an example from literature.
British Dictionary definitions for illustrated


to clarify or explain by use of examples, analogy, etc
(transitive) to be an example or demonstration of
(transitive) to explain or decorate (a book, text, etc) with pictures
(transitive) an archaic word for enlighten
Derived Forms
illustratable, adjective
illustrative, adjective
illustratively, adverb
illustrator, noun
Word Origin
C16: from Latin illustrāre to make light, explain, from lustrāre to purify, brighten; see lustrum
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Word Origin and History for illustrated



1520s, "light up, shed light on;" 1610s, "educate by means of examples," back-formation from illustration, and in some cases from Latin illustratus, past participle of illustrare (see illustration). Sense of "provide pictures to explain or decorate" is 1630s. Related: Illustrated; illustrating.

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