verb (used with object), imbedded, imbedding. Unabridged
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embed or imbed (ɪmˈbɛd)
vb , -beds, -bedding, -bedded
1.  (usually foll by in) to fix or become fixed firmly and deeply in a surrounding solid mass: to embed a nail in wood
2.  (tr) to surround closely: hard rock embeds the roots
3.  (tr) to fix or retain (a thought, idea, etc) in the mind
4.  (often foll by with) to assign a journalist or be assigned as one to accompany an active military unit
5.  (tr) grammar to insert (a subordinate clause) into a sentence
6.  a journalist accompanying an active military unit
imbed or imbed (ɪmˈbɛd, ˈɪmbɛd)
em'bedment or imbed

imbed (ɪmˈbɛd)
vb , -beds, -bedding, -bedded
a less common spelling of embed

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Example sentences
But a metaphor is no argument, though it be sometimes the gunpowder to drive
  one home and imbed it in the memory.
The idea was for the bomb to imbed itself underground and explode.
It was agreed upon to imbed the methodology of the process in the rule,
  including equations and formulas.
Visualization and movement provide opportunities for students to imbed new
  vocabulary or concepts into their long-term memory.
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