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[in-di-keyt] /ˈɪn dɪˌkeɪt/
verb (used with object), indicated, indicating.
to be a sign of; betoken; evidence; show:
His hesitation really indicates his doubt about the venture.
to point out or point to; direct attention to:
to indicate a place on a map.
to show, as by measuring or recording; make known:
The thermometer indicates air temperature.
to state or express, especially briefly or in a general way; signal:
He indicated his disapproval but did not go into detail.
  1. (of symptoms) to point out (a particular remedy, treatment, etc.) as suitable or necessary.
  2. to show the presence of (a condition, infection, etc.).
Origin of indicate
1645-55; < Latin indicātus past participle of indicāre to point, make known equivalent to indic- (stem of index) index + -ātus -ate1
Related forms
indicatable, adjective
[in-dik-uh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] /ɪnˈdɪk əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/ (Show IPA),
interindicate, verb (used with object), interindicated, interindicating.
reindicate, verb (used with object), reindicated, reindicating.
unindicated, adjective
well-indicated, adjective
3. register, reveal, record. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for indicating
  • The samples showed an abundance of pollen, indicating that the island had once been heavily forested.
  • If an employee doesn't swipe, his or her manager receives an email indicating the staff might be overworked.
  • Her pupils were dilated and did not react to light, indicating that her brain was no longer working.
  • It's consistent with other research indicating that human beings have a bias toward moving right when they need to act in a hurry.
  • Interestingly, many languages have different plural affixes indicating this distinction.
  • But there is ample evidence indicating that the oceans are bearing the brunt of these changes.
  • They were small and had downward-pointing, jawless mouths, indicating they lived by sucking and filtering food from the seabed.
  • Empty fly pupa were found with the kids' remains, indicating that maggots ate their flesh during natural decomposition.
  • Yet there were no collapsed timbers indicating that the structure ever had a roof.
  • He didn't have any studies indicating that fast food advertising spending made people eat more of the stuff.
British Dictionary definitions for indicating


verb (transitive)
(may take a clause as object) to be or give a sign or symptom of; imply: cold hands indicate a warm heart
to point out or show
(may take a clause as object) to state briefly; suggest: he indicated what his feelings were
(of instruments) to show a reading of: the speedometer indicated 50 miles per hour
(usually passive) to recommend or require: surgery seems to be indicated for this patient
Derived Forms
indicatable, adjective
indicatory (ɪnˈdɪkətərɪ; -trɪ) adjective
Word Origin
C17: from Latin indicāre to point out, from in-² + dicāre to proclaim; compare index
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Word Origin and History for indicating



1650s, back-formation from indication, or else from Latin indicatus, past participle of indicare "to point out, show, indicate, declare" (see indication). Related: Indicated; indicating.

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