[in-ter-leys, in-ter-leys]
verb (used without object), interlaced, interlacing.
to cross one another, typically passing alternately over and under, as if woven together; intertwine: Their hands interlaced.
verb (used with object), interlaced, interlacing.
to unite or arrange (threads, strips, parts, branches, etc.) so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under; intertwine.
to mingle; blend.
to diversify, as with threads woven in.
to intersperse; intermingle: She interlaced her lecture on Schubert with some of his songs.

1325–75; inter- + lace; replacing Middle English entrelacen < Middle French en-trelacer

interlacedly [in-ter-ley-sid-lee] , adverb
interlacement, noun
uninterlaced, adjective Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
interlace (ˌɪntəˈleɪs)
vb (usually foll by with)
1.  to join together (patterns, fingers, etc) by crossing, as if woven; intertwine
2.  (tr) to mingle or blend in an intricate way
3.  to change the pattern of; diversify; intersperse: to interlace a speech with humour

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Computing Dictionary

interlacing definition

1. A video display system which builds an image on the VDU in two phases, known as "fields", consisting of even and odd horizontal lines.
The complete image (a "frame") is created by scanning an electron beam horizontally across the screen, starting at the top and moving down after each horizontal scan until the bottom of the screen is reached, at which point the scan starts again at the top. On an interlaced display, even numbered scan lines are displayed in the first field and then odd numbered lines in the second field.
For a given screen resolution, refresh rate (frames per second) and phosphor persistence, interlacing reduces flicker because the top and bottom of the screen are redrawn twice as often as if the scan simply proceded from top to bottom in a single vertical sweep.
2. progressive coding.
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Example sentences
Ultimately, they'll be able to get more planes on the ground per hour by interlacing their runway approaches.
On a few, he could actually discern a pattern of interlacing fibers-weaving.
The lower part of the dermis is a network of interlacing fibers.
The upper trim of the base exhibits an interlacing oval motif with limestone coping across the east and north facade.
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