[in-yoor, ih-noor]
verb (used with object), inured, inuring.
to accustom to hardship, difficulty, pain, etc.; toughen or harden; habituate (usually followed by to ): inured to cold.
verb (used without object), inured, inuring.
to come into use; take or have effect.
to become beneficial or advantageous.
Also, enure.

1480–90; v. use of phrase in ure, en ure in use, customary < Anglo-French en ure in use, at work, equivalent to en in + ure < Latin opera, plural of opus work; compare French oeuvre

inuredness [in-yoor-id-nis, ih-noor-, in-yoord-, ih-noord-] , noun
inurement, noun
uninured, adjective

inhere, inure. Unabridged
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inure or enure (ɪˈnjʊə)
vb (often foll by to)
1.  to cause to accept or become hardened to; habituate
2.  (intr) (esp of a law, etc) to come into operation; take effect
[C15 enuren to accustom, from ure use, from Old French euvre custom, work, from Latin opera works, plural of opus]
enure or enure
[C15 enuren to accustom, from ure use, from Old French euvre custom, work, from Latin opera works, plural of opus]
inuredness or enure
enuredness or enure
in'urement or enure
en'urement or enure

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Word Origin & History

c.1420, in ure "in practice," from obsolete ure "work, practice, exercise, use," probably from O.Fr. uevre, oeuvre "work," from L. opera (see opus).
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Example sentences
One option for dealing with this is to tighten our borders and inure ourselves to the exiles' cries for help.
The income or benefit from the operation must not inure to any individual or private shareholder, directly or indirectly.
No part of the net proceeds can inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or member of the permittee.
No part of an organization's net earnings may inure to the benefit of an insider.
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