[fish-er] /ˈfɪʃ ər/
Andrew, 1862–1928, Australian statesman, born in Scotland: prime minister 1908–09, 1910–13, 1914–15.
Dorothy Canfield
[kan-feeld] /ˈkænˌfild/ (Show IPA),
(Dorothea Frances Canfield Fisher) 1879–1958, U.S. novelist.
Irving, 1867–1947, U.S. political economist.
Saint John ("John of Rochester") c1469–1535, English Roman Catholic prelate and humanist: executed for treason.
John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone
[kil-ver-stuh n] /ˈkɪl vər stən/ (Show IPA),
1841–1920, British admiral.
M(ary) F(rances) K(ennedy) 1908–92, U.S. culinary author.
British Dictionary definitions for irving fisher
fisher (ˈfɪʃə)
1.  a person who fishes; fisherman
2.  Also called: pekan
 a.  a large North American marten, Martes pennanti, having thick dark brown fur
 b.  the fur of this animal
3.  fisher of men an evangelist

Fisher (ˈfɪʃə)
1.  Andrew. 1862--1928, Australian statesman, born in Scotland: prime minister of Australia (1908--09; 1910--13; 1914--15)
2.  Saint John. ?1469--1535, English prelate and scholar: executed for refusing to acknowledge Henry VIII as supreme head of the church. Feast day: June 22
3.  John Arbuthnot 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone. 1841--1920, British admiral; First Sea Lord (1904--10; 1914--15); introduced the dreadnought

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Word Origin and History for irving fisher
O.E. fiscere, agent noun from fish (v.). Began to be used of certain animals, hence perhaps the rise of the formation fisherman (1520s).
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irving fisher in the Bible

Besides its literal sense (Luke 5:2), this word is also applied by our Lord to his disciples in a figurative sense (Matt. 4:19; Mark 1:17).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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