isthmus darien


[dair-ee-en, -uhn, dar-, dair-ee-en, dar-]
an arm of the Caribbean between NE Panama and NW Colombia.
former name of the Isthmus of Panama.
a town in SW Connecticut.
a city in NE Illinois.
Spanish Darién [dah-ryen] , (for defs 1, 2). Unabridged


[pan-uh-mah, -maw]
a republic in S Central America. 28,575 sq. mi. (74,010 sq. km).
Also called Panama City. a city in and the capital of Panama, at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal.
Formerly Isthmus of Darien. an isthmus between North and South America.
the portion of the Pacific in the bend of the Isthmus of Panama.
(sometimes lowercase) Panama hat.
Also, Panamá [Spanish pah-nah-mah] , (for defs 1, 2).

Panamanian [pan-uh-mey-nee-uhn, -mah-] , adjective, noun
Panamic [pa-nam-ik] , adjective
pro-Panama, adjective
pro-Panamanian, adjective, noun
pseudo-Panamanian, adjective, noun
trans-Panamanian, adjective Unabridged
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Darien (ˈdɛərɪən, ˈdæ-, daˈrjen)
1.  the E part of the Isthmus of Panama, between the Gulf of Darien on the Caribbean coast and the Gulf of San Miguel on the Pacific coast; chiefly within the republic of Panama but extending also into Colombia: site of a disastrous attempt to establish a Scottish colony in 1698
2.  Isthmus of Darien the former name of the Isthmus of Panama

Panama (ˌpænəˈmɑː, ˈpænəˌmɑː)
1.  a republic in Central America, occupying the Isthmus of Panama: gained independence from Spain in 1821 and joined Greater Colombia; became independent in 1903, with the immediate area around the canal forming the Canal Zone under US jurisdiction; Panama assumed sovereignty over the Canal Zone in 1979 and full control in 1999. Official language: Spanish; English is also widely spoken. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: balboa. Capital: Panama City. Pop: 3 178 000 (2004 est). Area: 75 650 sq km (29 201 sq miles)
2.  Isthmus of Panama Darien, Former name: Isthmus of Darien an isthmus linking North and South America, between the Pacific and the Caribbean. Length: 676 km (420 miles). Width (at its narrowest point): 50 km (31 miles)
3.  Gulf of Panama a wide inlet of the Pacific in Panama

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Panama definition

Republic on the Isthmus of Panama, which connects Central America and South America, bordered by Costa Rica to the west, and Colombia to the east. Its capital and largest city is Panama City.

Note: Backed by the United States, which wanted to negotiate a treaty to build a canal connecting the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Panama revolted against Colombia, of which it was a part, and declared itself independent in 1903.
Note: The United States built the Panama Canal from 1904 to 1914, and American relations with Panama long were shaped by the U.S. presence in the Canal Zone, which divides the country.
Note: In 1989, the United States invaded Panama and forcibly removed its leader, Manuel Noriega, to the United States, where he was tried and convicted for drug trafficking. (See also Panama Canal.)
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