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Johns (dʒɒns)
1.  Andrew (Gary). born 1974, Australian Rugby League footballer: halfback for Australia (1995--2006)
2.  Jasper. born 1930, US artist, noted for his collages and constructions

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Word Origin & History

masc. proper name, c.1160, from M.L. Johannes, from L.L. Joannes, from Gk. Ioannes, from Heb. Yohanan (in full y'hohanan) lit. "Jehovah has favored," from hanan "he was gracious." As the name of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, it was one of the most common Christian given names, and in England
by early 14c. it rivaled William in popularity. O.Fr. form was Jean, but in England its variants Johan, Jehan yielded Jan, Jen (cf. surname Jensen). Welsh form was Ieuan, (see Evan), but Ioan was adopted for the Welsh Authorized Version of the Bible, hence frequency of Jones as a Welsh surname. Feminine form was Joan, Latinized as Johanna. Colloquial John Hancock "signature" (1903, sometimes, through some unexplainable error, John Henry) is from the signer of the Declaration of Independence, either from his signing first or most prominently. The family name is attested from 1276 in Yorkshire, a dim. (see cock) of Hann, a very common given name in 13c. Yorkshire as a pet name for Henry or John. Johnny-come-lately first attested 1839.

"toilet," 1932, probably from jack, jakes, used for "toilet" since 16c. (see jack). Meaning "prostitute's customer" is from 1911, probably from the common, and thus anonymous, name by which they identified themselves.
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