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jam1 (dʒæm)
vb (often foll by on) , jams, jamming, jammed
1.  (tr) to cram or wedge into or against something: to jam paper into an incinerator
2.  (tr) to crowd or pack: cars jammed the roads
3.  to make or become stuck or locked: the switch has jammed
4.  to activate suddenly (esp in the phrase jam on the brakes)
5.  (tr) to block; congest: to jam the drain with rubbish
6.  (tr) to crush, bruise, or squeeze; smash
7.  radio to prevent the clear reception of (radio communications or radar signals) by transmitting other signals on the same frequency
8.  slang (intr) to play in a jam session
9.  a crowd or congestion in a confined space: a traffic jam
10.  the act of jamming or the state of being jammed
11.  informal a difficult situation; predicament: to help a friend out of a jam
12.  See jam session
[C18: probably of imitative origin; compare champ1]

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