janos starker


Janos [yah-nawsh] , born 1924, U.S. cellist, born in Hungary.
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Word Origin & History

O.E. stearc "stiff, strong" (related to starian "to stare"), from P.Gmc. *starkaz (cf. O.N. sterkr, O.Fris. sterk, M.Du. starc, O.H.G. starah, Ger. stark, Goth. *starks), from PIE base *ster- "stiff, rigid" (see stare). Meaning "utter, sheer, complete" first recorded c.1400,
perhaps from infl. of common phrase stark dead (late 14c.), with stark mistaken as an intensive adj. Sense of "bare, barren" is from 1833. Stark naked (1520s) is from M.E. start naked (early 13c.), from O.E. steort "tail, rump." Hence Brit. slang starkers "naked" (1923).
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