javelin throw


[jav-lin, jav-uh-]
a light spear, usually thrown by hand.
a spearlike shaft about 8½ feet (2.7 meters) long and usually made of wood, used in throwing for distance.
Also called javelin throw. a competitive field event in which the javelin is thrown for distance.
verb (used with object)
to strike or pierce with or as if with a javelin.

1505–15; < Middle French javeline, by suffix alteration from javelot, Anglo-French gavelot, gaveloc, probably < Old English gafeluc, *gafelocBritish Celtic *gablākos presumably, a spear with a forklike head; compare MIr gablach forked branch, javelin, MWelsh gaflach (apparently < OIr), derivative of Old Irish gabul fork, forked branch, cognate with Old Breton gabl, Welsh gafl

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javelin (ˈdʒævlɪn)
1.  a long pointed spear thrown as a weapon or in competitive field events
2.  the javelin the event or sport of throwing the javelin
[C16: from Old French javeline, variant of javelot, of Celtic origin]

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Word Origin & History

late 15c., from M.Fr. javeline (15c.), fem. dim. of O.Fr. javelot "a spear," probably from Gaulish (cf. O.Ir. gabul "fork;" Welsh gafl "fork," gaflach "feathered spear"). Also found in It. (giavelotto) and M.H.G. (gabilot).
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Bible Dictionary

Javelin definition

(1.) Heb. hanith, a lance, from its flexibility (1 Sam. 18:10, 11; 19:9, 10; 20:33). (2.) Heb. romah, a lance for heavy-armed troops, so called from its piercing (Num. 25:7). (See ARMS.)

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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