1 [jog]
verb (used with object), jogged, jogging.
to move or shake with a push or jerk: The horseman jogged the reins lightly.
to cause to function with a jolt for a moment or in a series of disconnected motions: He jogged the motor and started the machine.
to push slightly, as to arouse the attention; nudge: She jogged his elbow when she wanted to be introduced to one of his friends.
to stir or jolt into activity or alertness, as by a hint or reminder: to jog a person's memory.
to cause (a horse) to go at a steady trot.
Printing. to align the edges of (a stack of sheets of paper of the same size) by gently tapping.
verb (used without object), jogged, jogging.
to run at a leisurely, slow pace, especially as an outdoor exercise: He jogs two miles every morning to keep in shape.
to run or ride at a steady trot: They jogged to the stable.
to move with a jolt or jerk: Her briefcase jogged against her leg as she walked.
to go or travel with a jolting pace or motion: The clumsy cart jogged down the bumpy road.
to go in a desultory or humdrum fashion (usually followed by on or along ): He just jogged along, getting by however he could.
a shake; slight push; nudge.
a steady trot, as of a horse.
an act, instance, or period of jogging: to go for a jog before breakfast.
a jogging pace: He approached us at a jog.

1540–50; blend of jot to jog (now dial.) and shog to shake, jog (late Middle English shoggen)

jogger, noun Unabridged


2 [jog]
an irregularity of line or surface; projection; notch.
a bend or turn: a country road full of sudden jogs.
Theater. a narrow flat placed at right angles to another flat to make a corner, used especially in sets representing an interior.
verb (used without object), jogged, jogging.
to bend or turn: The road jogs to the right beyond those trees.

1705–15; variant of jag1 Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
jog1 (dʒɒɡ)
vb , jogs, jogging, jogged
1.  (intr) to run or move slowly or at a jog trot, esp for physical exercise
2.  (intr; foll by on or along) to continue in a plodding way
3.  (tr) to jar or nudge slightly; shake lightly
4.  (tr) to remind; stimulate: please jog my memory
5.  (tr) printing to even up the edges of (a stack of paper); square up
6.  the act of jogging
7.  a slight jar or nudge
8.  a jogging motion; trot
[C14: probably variant of shog to shake, influenced by dialect jot to jolt]

jog2 (dʒɒɡ)
1.  a sharp protruding point in a surface; jag
2.  a sudden change in course or direction
[C18: probably variant of jag1]

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Word Origin & History

1540s, "to shake up and down," perhaps altered from M.E. shoggen "to shake, jolt, move with a jerk," of uncertain origin. Meanings "shake," "stir up by hint," and "walk or ride with a jolting pace" are from 16c. The main modern sense is attested from 1560s but mostly dates from 1948; at first a training
regimen for athletes, it became a fad c.1967.
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Example sentences for jogged
The man was carrying a package as he jogged to jump in the train door.
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