1 [lahy-bruh, lee-]
noun, plural librae [lahy-bree, lee-brahy] .
the ancient Roman pound (containing 5053 grains or 327.4 grams).

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin lībra Unabridged


2 [lee-vrah] .
noun, plural libras [lee-vrahs] .
sol3 ( def 2 ).

< Spanish < Latin lībra libra1


[lee-bruh, lahy-] .
noun, genitive Librae [lee-brahy, lahy-bree] , for 1.
Astronomy. the Balance, a zodiacal constellation between virgo and Serpens.
the seventh sign of the zodiac: the cardinal air sign. See illus. under zodiac.
Also, Libran. a person born under this sign, usually between September 23rd and October 22nd.

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin lībra literally, pair of scales, libra1


3 [sohl, sol; Spanish sawl]
noun, plural sols Spanish, soles [saw-les] .
a bronze coin and monetary unit of Peru, equal to 100 centavos. Abbreviation: S.
Also called libra. a former gold coin of Peru.

1880–85; < American Spanish: sun, Spanish < Latin sōl Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
libra (ˈlaɪbrə)
n , pl -brae
an ancient Roman unit of weight corresponding to 1 pound, but equal to about 12 ounces
[C14: from Latin, literally: scales]

Libra (ˈliːbrə, ˈlɪbrən)
n , Latin genitive Librae
1.  astronomy a small faint zodiacal constellation in the S hemisphere, lying between Virgo and Scorpius on the ecliptic
2.  astrology
 a.  the Scales, Also called: the Balance the seventh sign of the zodiac, symbol ♎, having a cardinal air classification and ruled by the planet Venus. The sun is in this sign between about Sept 23 and Oct 22
 b.  a person born under this sign
3.  astrology born under or characteristic of Libra

sol1 (sɒl)
music another name for soh
[C14: see gamut]

sol2 (səʊl)
1.  short for new sol
2.  a former French copper or silver coin, usually worth 12 deniers
[C16: from Old French, from Late Latin: solidus]

sol3 (sɒl)
a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase, esp one in which a solid is suspended in a liquid
[C20: shortened from hydrosol]

sol4 (sɒl)
astronomy a solar day as measured on the planet Mars, equal to 24.65 hours
[C20: from Latin sōl the sun]

Sol (sɒl)
1.  Greek counterpart: Helios the Roman god personifying the sun
2.  a poetic word for the sun

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Word Origin & History

zodiac constellation, late 14c., from L. libra, lit. "pound, balance," from Mediterranean base *lithra- "a scale."

"the sun," mid-15c., from L. sol "the sun," from PIE *s(e)wol-, from base *saewel- "to shine, the sun" (cf. Skt. suryah, Avestan hvar "sun, light, heavens;" Gk. helios; Lith. saule; O.C.S. slunice; Goth. sauil, O.E. sol "sun," swegl "sky, heavens, the sun;" Welsh haul, O.Cornish heuul, Breton heol "sun;"
O.Ir. suil "eye"). The PIE element -*el- in the root originally was a suffix and had an alternative form -*en-, yielding *s(u)wen-, source of Eng. sun (q.v.).
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sol (sôl, sōl)
A colloidal dispersion of a solid in a liquid.

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Libra   (lē'brə)  Pronunciation Key 
A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Scorpius and virgo. libra (the Scales or Balance) is the seventh sign of the zodiac.
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shit out of luck
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