capable of being locked; fitted with a lock: The car has a lockable glove compartment.

1890–95; lock1 + -able

lockability, noun
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lock1 (lɒk)
1.  a device fitted to a gate, door, drawer, lid, etc, to keep it firmly closed and often to prevent access by unauthorized persons
2.  a similar device attached to a machine, vehicle, etc, to prevent use by unauthorized persons: a steering lock
3.  a.  a section of a canal or river that may be closed off by gates to control the water level and the raising and lowering of vessels that pass through it
 b.  (as modifier): a lock gate
4.  the jamming, fastening, or locking together of parts
5.  (Brit) the extent to which a vehicle's front wheels will turn to the right or left: this car has a good lock
6.  a mechanism that detonates the charge of a gun
7.  informal (US), (Canadian) a person or thing that is certain to win or to succeed: she is a lock for the Academy Award
8.  lock, stock, and barrel completely; entirely
9.  any wrestling hold in which a wrestler seizes a part of his opponent's body and twists it or otherwise exerts pressure upon it
10.  rugby Also called: lock forward either of two players who make up the second line of the scrum and apply weight to the forwards in the front line
11.  a gas bubble in a hydraulic system or a liquid bubble in a pneumatic system that stops or interferes with the fluid flow in a pipe, capillary, etc: an air lock
12.  to fasten (a door, gate, etc) or (of a door, etc) to become fastened with a lock, bolt, etc, so as to prevent entry or exit
13.  (tr) to secure (a building) by locking all doors, windows, etc
14.  to fix or become fixed together securely or inextricably
15.  to become or cause to become rigid or immovable: the front wheels of the car locked
16.  (when tr, often passive) to clasp or entangle (someone or each other) in a struggle or embrace
17.  (tr) to furnish (a canal) with locks
18.  (tr) to move (a vessel) through a system of locks
19.  lock horns (esp of two equally matched opponents) to become engaged in argument or battle
20.  lock the stable door after the horse has bolted, lock the stable door after the horse has been stolen to take precautions after harm has been done
[Old English loc; related to Old Norse lok]

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Example sentences
These lockable modules sit snugly under fabric pannier bags.
The unit shall have a lockable toolbox, lockable battery box and lockable fuel
  and hydraulic oil fills.
Records are located in lockable metal file cabinets with access limited to
  those whose official duties require access.
Lockable to manway and fuel fill port prevents fuel contamination.
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