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long-eared bat

any of 19 species of small, usually colony-dwelling vesper bats (family Vespertilionidae). Long-eared bats are found in both the Old World and the New World (Plecotus) and in Australia (Nyctophilus). They are approximately 4-7 cm (1.6-2.8 inches) long, not including the 3.5-5.5-cm tail, and weigh 5-20 grams (0.2-0.7 ounce). They have soft brown fur, and some species have glandular lumps on the muzzle. The ears, which may be 4 cm long, are folded when the bats rest. Long-eared bats fly slowly and frequently hover to pick insects from leaves or walls. Like many bats found in temperate regions, they hibernate in winter instead of migrating

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