1 [meed]

before 900; Middle English mede, Old English medu, meodu; cognate with Dutch mee, German Met, Old Norse mjǫthr mead, Sanskrit madhu honey, Greek méthy wine Unabridged


2 [meed]
noun Archaic.

before 1000; Middle English mede, Old English mǣd. See meadow


George Herbert, 1863–1931, U.S. philosopher and author.
Margaret, 1901–78, U.S. anthropologist.
a lake in NW Arizona and SE Nevada, formed 1936 by Hoover Dam. 115 miles (185 km) long; 227 sq. mi. (588 sq. km). Unabridged
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mead1 (miːd)
an alcoholic drink made by fermenting a solution of honey, often with spices added
[Old English meodu; related to Old High German metu, Greek methu, Welsh medd]

mead2 (miːd)
an archaic or poetic word for meadow
[Old English mǣd]

Mead1 (miːd)
Lake Mead a reservoir in NW Arizona and SE Nevada, formed by the Hoover Dam across the Colorado River: one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Area: 588 sq km (227 sq miles)

Mead2 (miːd)
Margaret. 1901--78, US anthropologist. Her works include Coming of Age in Samoa (1928) and Male and Female (1949)

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Word Origin & History

"fermented honey drink," O.E. medu, from P.Gmc. *meduz (cf. O.N. mjöðr, Dan. mjød, O.Fris., M.Du. mede, Ger. Met "mead"), from PIE base *medhu- "honey, sweet drink" (cf. Skt. madhu "sweet, sweet drink, wine, honey," Gk. methy "wine," O.C.S. medu, Lith. medus "honey," O.Ir. mid, Welsh
medd, Breton mez "mead"). Synonymous but unrelated early M.E. meþeglin yielded Chaucer's meeth.

"meadow," O.E. mæd "meadow," from P.Gmc. *mædwon (cf. Du. made, Ger. Matte "meadow," O.E. mæþ "harvest, crop"), from PIE *metwa-, from base *me- "mow" (see mow).
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Example sentences for mead
Mead is a fermented alcoholic beverage made of honey, water, and yeast.
A type of mead recipe that is meant to age quickly, for immediate consumption.
Mead also stressed the social character of perception our first encounters are
There is some small scale production of wine, mead and cider.
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