mellow out


adjective, mellower, mellowest.
soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit.
well-matured, as wines.
soft and rich, as sound, tones, color, or light.
made gentle and compassionate by age or maturity; softened.
friable or loamy, as soil.
mildly and pleasantly intoxicated or high.
pleasantly agreeable; free from tension, discord, etc.: a mellow neighborhood.
affably relaxed; easygoing; genial: a mellow teacher who is very popular with her students.
verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
to make or become mellow.
Slang. a state, atmosphere, or mood of ease and gentle relaxation.
Verb phrases
mellow out, Slang.
to become detached from worry, strife, stress, etc.; relax: After final exams let's go down to the beach and mellow out.
to make more relaxed, agreeable, workable, etc.; soften or smooth: Chopin really mellows me out when I'm feeling tense.

1400–50; late Middle English mel(o)we, alteration (perhaps by dissimilation, in phrase meruw fruit) of Middle English meruw, Old English meru soft

mellowly, adverb
mellowness, noun
overmellow, adjective
overmellowly, adverb
overmellowness, noun
unmellow, adjective
unmellowed, adjective

1. See ripe. 9. develop, mature, improve.

1. immature, raw, green. 3. harsh. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
mellow (ˈmɛləʊ)
1.  (esp of fruits) full-flavoured; sweet; ripe
2.  (esp of wines) well-matured
3.  (esp of colours or sounds) soft or rich
4.  kind-hearted, esp through maturity or old age
5.  genial, as through the effects of alcohol
6.  (of soil) soft and loamy
7.  to make or become mellow; soften; mature
8.  (foll by out) to become calm and relaxed or (esp of a drug) to have a calming or relaxing effect on (someone)
[C15: perhaps from Old English meru soft (as through ripeness)]

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Word Origin & History

mid-15c., melwe "soft, sweet, juicy" (of ripe fruit), perhaps related to melowe, variant of mele "ground grain" (see meal (2)), influenced by M.E. merow "soft, tender," from O.E. mearu. Meaning "slightly drunk" is from 1680s. The verb is from 1570s. Related: Mellowed; mellowing.
Mellow yellow "banana peel smoked to get high" is from 1967.
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American Heritage
Idioms & Phrases

mellow out

Become genial or pleasant, calm down, relax, as in The teacher mellowed out when they explained what had happened. This expression uses mellow in the sense of "ripening," with the connotation of softness and sweetness. [Slang; late 1900s]

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