mew gull


2 [myoo]
a small gull, Larus canus, of Eurasia and northwestern North America.
Also called mew gull.

before 900; Middle English; Old English mǣwe; cognate with German Müwe Unabridged
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mew1 (mjuː)
1.  (intr) (esp of a cat) to make a characteristic high-pitched cry
2.  such a sound
[C14: imitative]

mew2 (mjuː)
mew gull, Also called: sea mew any seagull, esp the common gull, Larus canus
[Old English mǣw; compare Old Saxon mēu, Middle Dutch mēwe]

mew3 (mjuː)
1.  a room or cage for hawks, esp while moulting
vb (often foll by up)
2.  to confine (hawks or falcons) in a shelter, cage, etc, usually by tethering them to a perch
3.  to confine, conceal
[C14: from Old French mue, from muer to moult, from Latin mūtāre to change]

mew4 (mjuː)
1.  (intr) (of hawks or falcons) to moult
2.  obsolete (tr) to shed (one's covering, clothes, etc)
[C14: from Old French muer to moult, from Latin mūtāre to change]

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Word Origin & History

"make a sound like a cat," early 14c., mewen, of imitative origin (cf. Ger. miauen, Fr. miauler, It. miagolare, Sp. maullar, and see meow). Related: Mewed; mewing.

"seagull," O.E. mæw, from P.Gmc. *maigwis (cf. O.S. mew, Fris. meau, M.L.G. mewe, Du. meeuw "gull"), of imitative origin. O.Fr. moue (Fr. mouette) and Lith. mevas are Gmc. loan-words.

"cage," c.1300, from O.Fr. mue "cage for hawks, especially when molting," from muer "to molt," from L. mutare "to change" (see mutable).
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